“Walking through the rows and rows of grapevines, I was surrounded by their captivating beauty and for the first time in my life I felt well and truly at the centre of the universe. I stop to observe every vine which causes me to reflect for a while before acting upon my reflections. If only dealing with people were as easy and spontaneous…”

The constant pursuit of quality and sustainability begins in the vineyards where our objective is to bring out the best of every single vine. No small feat considering our commitment to respecting the environment in every phase of wine making. We ban the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers or any other product
that does not conform with our ideas of organic farming and with the plant’s natural phytosanitary defense system.
The fertility of the soil is managed through organic fertilization and the use of Biodynamic Preparation 500 Cow Horn manure. The grapes are handpicked and the grapes are also manually selected.