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Our guests will be welcomed by staff who strictly adhere to the hygiene and sanitization of common spaces, and the use of personal protection gear rules, as dictated by the Government. – The staff member running the tasting on the day, will wear gloves and a FPP3 type face protection mask, throughout the event. – The single use cutlery and paper plates used during the tasting will be disposed of by the guests and the member of staff, in the designated pedal operated waste bins. – The glasses used for the wine tastings are sanitised -each time before and after the tasting- with 70% alcohol, for 10 minutes, before they are rinsed in the washing machine. – Each guest will be provided with a spit bucket. – All the tastings will be run for a maximum of 2 people (partners), or 2 couples who are happy to share the tasting experience. In either instance, social distancing measures will be applied. – The wine tastings will either take place outdoor -if the weather allows it- or in the living room, by having all the windows open, to ensure optimal air circulation. – The winery is not kitted with an air conditioning/filtering system. – The member of staff running the tasting will prepare and serve the aperitivo (cold servings) food selection by wearing gloves, FPP3 type face protection mask, and a hair cover/bandana. – The dishes employed in the food preparation undergo the same sanitisation process as the glasses used during the wine testing. – Guests who wish to bring their own glasses are more than welcome to do so. – Dear guests, we kindly ask you to bring your own protective gear if you can, however, if you don’t have your own, we will provide you with single use FPP3 type face protection mask, and gloves.